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Do I ALWAYS have to be the one to get you people going... What's up with everyone... where ya all been?

I'm here kid. Just don't

I'm here kid. Just don't have much to say lately. Looking forward th the Less Than Jake Show on Monday if ya happen to like Air punching SKA music. I know it's not exactly line dancing but it still should be a good time. :)D


at least someone is still out there... Maybe I'll give Monday a try for a change... could be interesting.

Yup, I'm as guilty as y'all

Yup, I'm as guilty as y'all are I guess. I haven't been here much lately... other stuff goin' on I guess (heh... understatement).

Hmmmm, air punching ska music... um, nah, prolly not my cup-o-tea. Though LTJ is s'posed to be pretty good. Lemme know how it goes, Lin.... and if Doug plays bottles to those tunes. :)

Ehhh, I don't think this is

Ehhh, I don't think this is gonna be a bottle playing type of show. Hopefully I will be to busy pouring to play the bottles anyway. And Lin ain't gonna show...not unless i can get her on the guest list. $17 and $20 is kinda steep for a band you don't even know anything about ya know? Now the 80's party with a Flock Of Seagulls....well, that's a different story. We should all be there with our bandanas and leg warmers on for that one! Even the wife is gonna come out or hiding with her posse for this show.


Lin will not be there on Monday... BUT the 80's show... oh yeah I'll be there... Hey Mike... CLOGS? And Doug... I think I can pull a John Travolta shirt out of the attic... and maybe I'll bring my "kabonka balls" for you to swing... naw them are dangerous... never mind! Sounds like a great time and looking forward to meeting Mrs. DA.


I'm not sure if I remember the 80's. Oh, I was there... I just don't remember much of them. (Or, maybe I just don't wanna.) As for the clogs, Lin, I'm ready anytime. And if yer gonna wear a Travolta shirt, I'll see if I got a Farrah Fawcett shirt (or was that the 70's?).


The Travolta shirt is for Doug. But to see you in a Fawcett shirt... now that would be a site to see...