Mike M....Email me please

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Thanks, doug


slow week this week i guess. it's quiet here

click here for my myspace site and add me!

I think the few of us that

I think the few of us that use the forum have lost the novelty. Guess the honeymoon's over huh?

I'm Touched!

It's heartwarming to know that youse guyz missed me. Well, either that, or you need to borrow some cash. :) Actually, (over)loaded at work means pleasure surfing is non-existant. Ugh!

You're right though, it has been pretty quiet 'round here. How 'bout some of those sandbaggers that visit (but don't usually post) chatting it up a bit.


- Mike.

I agree Mike. I'm always

I agree Mike. I'm always willing to reply to just about anything that anyone has to say. I haven't been to the page much lately cause I had some dang spyware thingy that kept changing my homepage. Cousin Jon came over and fixed me up though so I'm back to opening up my browser to good old CI.

ya right

dougie u didnt reply to me when i wrote u a message :(

PS..That's because I thought

PS..That's because I thought you were a stalker!

Sorry babe...I just did. My

Sorry babe...I just did. My bad. I'll never forget you again OK?


I get it! Mike, busy at work... understatement... Just trying to keep the co-worker awake during the day has been my mission... anyhow, good to see that you are all still w/ us!