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What a show these guys put on! They were AWSOME! Hope to get them back soon.


Yes Yes Yes what a kick ass show they were definatly one of my new favorite bands to see. I cant wait to get them back again. They were alot of fun to watch sing dfance and even hang wit before the show and after. they were one hell of a nice bunch of guys. I hope we can get Big Vin to get they back maybe for our summer jam.. Hell if they were serious about the whole going wit them thing I would have been out that door in a heart beat. ...hehe...
See yall at the club

Personaly From One Of The Djs and Mc At Infinity .. Matt ..
Take Care And Drive Safe


this was by far one of my favorite country shows to date. The last time I had this much fun was with phil vassar and I got to party on their bus.
The crew was marvelous to work with and the band had fun before the show (before doors) and had even more fun during the show!

I saw a lot of new faces and I hope to see them back every saturday!

xtra special thanks to Mike for jumping in and helping out. It would have been disastorous otherwise.

West of the Mark performed "seven bridges road" by the Eagles just superbly! There are only a handful of bands in the country that can pull that one off.

Freekin' Incredible!

heh. Youse guyz said it all. awesome, great, fun, marvelous, superb. All words that describe the Locash guys and their performance(and West Of The Mark). One of the few bands that I would consider a modest roadtrip to go see. Lin, I think your son might have a future in playing the milk crate... heheh... :)

John, you hit it on the head about Seven Bridges Road. That tune alone is enough to go see WOTM. (A bit of behind-the-scenes thanks should go to John for accommodating the 4th vocal mic for that.)

And, John, my pleasure... anytime. (BTW, lightup faceplate = BadCat.)

Of course, the unexpected highlight of the evening was catching bartender Doug dancing to Walk This Way and The Joker. Very cool moves, dude.

That was quite an awesome

That was quite an awesome show!!!WOTM has some very good vocal prowess and I always enjoy their harmonies. And the Locash dudes....What an energetic and friendly bunch of guys. I truly hope we can have them back before they get to famous...Like my personal favorites Cowboy Crush. The difference there was that the Locash Cowboys had the dance floor jumping all night while for Cobwoy Crush...I was actually alone on the floor for some of their numbers.

And yes, Jay did a fantastic job beatin' that milk crate on stage. I think he may have a future in the music business...or milk business...:) Doug

Jay's Milk Crate

experience was one to remember. I have to comment on what Doug said about his future in the "milk business". It is funny you say that cuz his Papa (my dad) owns Clarence Dairy and his step father was a dairy farmer... so I think maybe he had practiced milk crate playing for many years. Honestly though... Jay has wanted to play the drums for a long long time, maybe someday.

I thought his playing was

I thought his playing was "udderly" admirable. :)