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Hard Rock / Metal Band Seeks Vocals (edit/renew)
Posted by: Nate Krygier
URL: (the contact/booking forms dont work I havnt finished the website yet so dont use them)

We are a Hard Rock band out of East Amherst looking for a singer. We are all waiting to start doing shows and recording, but we need to fill the void in our band. We like bands such as Metallica, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Rush, Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chilipeppers, Guns N Roses, and many more. Looking for male vocals only. We have 7 songs with music completed, and 3 fully completed that include lyrics and melody. We also have two more songs in the works. We have been together since 2003, and have had countless no show auditions, and just plain bad luck finding people, so you know we are serious and dedicated that we are still trying to find some one and havnt quit.


Well we were just shafted

Well we were just shafted AGAIN with an audition. No show, now phone call, this persons 3RD chance.

I feel like shit having like 5 or 6 people totally screw me and my bandmates over, and basically not being able to start functioning as a band.

try these..

If you're not already a member, go to the following local music community sites, sign up and post there:

wnymusic is more geared toward the genre you're trying to accomplish, but the buffalomusic one is professional with no bad attitude.
Also, list an age range requiremrnt. sometimes young bands don't want older folks on the roster or vise-versa and tend to be discriminatory of a good singer otheriwise.
good luck

Heh, I am a moderator at

Heh, I am a moderator at and Ive been watching every ad on WNY music for a long time :/

Punisher is the name ;-)

small world

I am a mod on there as well.. I am Thor..

nice to meet ya. stop at my booth some night if you're in the club and introduce yourself.

other than that, you are already connected in on both sites. beyond that I offer no help. sorry

Oh cool.

Oh cool.
Will do next time I am there.

Sounds like yo guys need to

Sounds like yo guys need to be hanging at Evolution on Friday and Saturday. That's where all the headbangers and metal heads hang. I'll spread the word and keep my ears open. Good luck, Doug

hmm, well it cant hurt, but

hmm, well it cant hurt, but we arnt interested in nu metal, death metal, black metal or anything like that, which is the only thing I see when I see local bands :x

Maybe Ill come to the sandman show, since I love Metallica anyway.
Ill probably meet like minded people there.

Thanks for the help!

Most of the bands that play

Most of the bands that play at Evolution/Rock 'n Roll Heaven are 8-'s type hairbands or moder raock bands like suckerpunch or why on earth.

Oh cool.

Oh cool.
Most of the bands I have seen at Infinity were death metal, or emo bands.
Thats good new though =)

Ya, we have all sorts of

Ya, we have all sorts of bands at Infinity...But Evolution is mostly Classic rock or Hairbands.

Thats good =)

Thats good =)
Just what Im into :)