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  • Adam D. Tucker - 05.01.05

    Adam D. Tucker was the very impressive opening act for Jeff Bates. He also shared the stage with Shania Twin for our Halloween party on October 29th 2005. (See Halloween Pix below).

  • Artimus Pyle - 08.03.04

    Artimus Pyle is the Original drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd. He was quite a character and put on a hell of a good show! He also stuck around and posed for pictures and signed autographs after.

  • Bonnie Bramlet - 07.20.04

    Bonnie Bramlet collaborated with many musicians in the 60's and 70's including Eric Clapton, James Taylor and the Allman Brothers. She put on a great show with a ton of energy and one heck of a set of pipes for a woman in her late 50's (or older).

  • Breaking Benjamin - 03.18.05

    Thanks to Deanna Mowers for these exclusive photos of this major, national act. This fantastic show sold out and was one of my top 5 favorites at the club so far.

  • Bret Michaels - 12.09.03

    Bret Michaels Brought in a packed house of Rockers and Partiers on a Tuesday in 2003 as well as in 2004. Let's see what he can do on a Saturday (11/05/05) at Club Evolution. These pics are of his first show in 2003. He came behind the bar and signed autographs and posed for pictures after the show. Bret was very cool and John got some great shots both on stage and behind the bar.

  • Brian McComas - 11.06.04

    If anyone has more pictures of this great show, please make a post or email and let us know so we can add them to the gallery.

  • Buckwheat Zydeco - 07.22.05

    Buckwheat Zydeco is a legend and a pioneer in the Cajun music realm. The dance floor was full for the whole show and my wife says she dropped like 5 lbs dancing in the front row. Hopefully he will be back in the future for a Mardi Gras party!

  • Club Infinity Friends & Family

  • Cock Robin - 01.28.05

    These local rock veterans brought in their own home made dry ice machine that poured off the stage and filled our dance floor with a nearly waist high fog. I remember seeing these guys close to 25 years ago and they've still got it. I danced so much durring this show that my feet hurt for 2 days after.

  • Commander Cody - 07.13.04

    Commander Cody was a one hit wonder with Hot Rod Lincoln in the late 60's or early 70's. He now has a bad eye and walks with a cane but boy can he rock that boogie woogie piano on stage.

  • Cowboy Crush - 11.20.04

    This ultra tallented group of ladies put on a fantastic show. All the players were incredible musicians and the singer had a stage presence that was a cross between Gretchen Wilson and a young Tina Turner. Their single was released a few months after they played our place and now they are most likely way to expensive to bring back.

  • dada - 03.03.04

    This is probably one of the best shows that nobody saw. This California based band had a hit with Diz-knee-Land in the early 90's. Unfortunately, very few people knew we were even open when we had them and there were maybe about 40 people in attendance so the wife and I got to stand up front and watch them all night. What a great show!!!

  • Days Of The New - 11.03.03

    One of our very first shows in 2003. We were expecting the whole band but only lead singer Travis Meeks and a drummer turned up to do an unplugged set. It was still a very cool happening and nobody left upset that I noticed.

  • Firehouse - 07.11.04

    This is all I have from the 2 Firehouse shows so far. Perhaps we weren't supposed to be taking pictures or maybe we were to busy to do so. I bet Deanna has some more for us though.

  • Gamalon

    This band is made up of some original members of the 80's Gamalon but George Puleo has been replaced by this amazing young girl named Nory(SP). I used to love Gamalon and I played their first album dozens of times. This girl plays the same licks that George used to and I mean almost note for note. She is SMOKIN' and by far one of the most impressive female guitarists I have ever seen.

  • Haiku - 04.26.05

    Speaking of George Puleo from Gamalon....His latest project is Haiku which an awesome mix of Jazz fusion along with some classic rock and roll including Santana, John Lennon. They even brought out a guest vocalist and did an awesome Hendrix set as a finale. I greatly appreciated watching Nory play the Gamalon tunes, but NOBODY does it quite like George!

  • Halloween 2004

    This was the biggest Halloween party I have ever worked for. There must have been close to 1000 people there and more than half of them were in costume. Thanks to DigDug for all the great shots of the contest.

  • Halloween 2005 (Live Country Night)

    Thanks again to John for all the pix. I was to busy working most of the night to get any good shots of the costumes. I also failed to keep track of all of the winners for the various contests. I also want to thank all the dancers from Lockport or wherever they were from for showing up and doing the Zombie dance to Michael Jackson's thriller. There are several pictures of this highlight of the evening included in this gallery along with Pix of Shania Twin and Adam D. Tucker.

  • Halloween 2005 (Star 102.5)

    Thanks to John for most of the pictures from the Star 102.5 Halloween Party with Hope Partlow. The $1,000.00 cash first prize went to the robot from "Lost In Space". second place went to the 9 foot tall Grim Reaper and third place was awarded to The Flintstones.

  • JC Chasez - 06.04.04

    JC Chasez, formerly of 'Nsync, brought a whole posse of hip-hop dancers along with him which actually made for a very entertaining night. I didn't take these shots but whoever did must have agreed with me as there are only a few pix of JC himself and many more of the dancers. :)

  • Jeff Bates - 05.01.05

    Rising Country Star Jeff Bates played to a very good crowd on a Live Country Saturday. Known for his Country Ballads, Jeff was very friendly and played a nice long set.

  • Jordan Knight - 10.15.04

    Jordan Knight of the 80's boy band New Kids On The Block came in a package deal with Tiffany on a different date. He drew quite well and the crowd was at least 90% female and very well dressed. The club smelled like a perfume store most of the night and one of my waitresses told me that there was a woman down front who was crying and flashing at the same time. I never made it down there to check it out. :)...These pictures are courtesy of my good buddy DigDug whose wife Melissa got to pose with Jordan and his bodyguard before the show.

  • Joss Stone - 05.11.05

    Joss was brought to us courtesy of Star 102.5. This was a special event where tickets could only be won by calling the radio station and apparently about 500 people did just that. She only played for about half an hour but what a set it was. This 19 year old girl has a set of pipes that could rival Janis, Melissa and Aretha. And she's not to hard on the eyes either. Thanks to DigDig for all the awesome close-ups.

  • Leon Russell - 11.19.04

    The Legendary Leon Russell put on a very classy show. I believe that at least one of the girls was his daughter. I enjoyed the show but was a little surprised that he didn't come out for an encore. We clapped long and loud but they ended up playing a recording of tightrope rather than preforming the song.

  • Little River Band - 07.12.04

    We got the LRB on a pass-thru date but had less than 2 weeks to promote the show. They still drew around 400 people on a Monday in July and boy did they sound terrific! That's what you get from a group of guys who have been playing and singing together for over 25 years. This was one of my top 5 favorite shows so far.

  • Lowest Of The Low - 08.20.04

    The first Lowest Of The Low show was so busy that the next time we had them back we booked them for 2 shows instead of one. These guys always pack the house and will be returning in December.

  • Mustang Sally - 03.06.04

    Mustang Sally has had many changes in the last 2 years. These pix are from their first show. Each time they play, they just seem to get better and better. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

  • Pete Best - 10.27.04

    Pete Best was the original drummer for The Beatles. He played on their first few albums and was then replaced. Rumor has it he was to good looking. The band preformed many old Beatles tunes including some that I never knew the Beatles had written or preformed. The band was mostly in their 30's or 40's and included Pete's son on the second drum kit. They all had very heavy British accents and drank all my bar brandy after the show. I only got a few shots of them but hopefully he will return so I can get some more.

  • Phil Vassar - 02.27.04

    One of our early string of National Country Acts, Phil Vassar packed the joint. I was very busy behind the bar so I got mostly long distance shots. It was also very smokey in the club from the light guys smoke machine so most of the pix are rather blurry. Great show though!

  • Pigface - 05.20.05

    What an experience this show was. The opening acts were very entertaining with their industrial type music and antics but when Pigface took the stage, I knew I was in for a treat. One of the members was "Enigma" who has been on the X-Files as well as the Discovery channel for being one of the worlds most Tatooed men. Enigma ran around the club hacking at people with a toothless chainsaw, swallowed a cross shaped sword, Pound a 9 inch nail into his sinus cavity and drilled the other nostril with a power dril. He even went so far as to place a cucumber on the back of a girls neck and chop it in half with a machette. What a show! The music was pretty good as well as you can see from my facial expression as I dance on the bar in the second posted picture. Thanks again to John for the great pix!

  • Ron Hawkins Acoustic Review - 07.17.04

    Quite the contrast to the show listed above but equally entertaining in my book. Ron Hawkins from The Low played a long acoustic set complete with a Cello and Violin. Granted I wasn't dancing on the bar for this one but I still totally enjoyed the show. One of the reasons I love this place so much is the diversity of the entertainment offered on any given day of the week.

  • Rushlow - 01.08.04

    Another of our early 2004 National Country acts. Only a few pix for this one so please email me if you have any more.

  • St. Paddy 2005 11

    Saint Patricks Day 2005

    Wow!!!...What a party this was. It must have fallen on a Thursday because it looks like there was a full house. I have some crowd shots here but the rest of the pix I have are from the St. Paddys Day Bikini Contest and will have to get cleared by the powers that be before I post them on the page. :)

  • Shadows Fall

    Loud, Hard and Heavy with lots of Hair. I thought I heard Cookie Monster singing back-up vocals.

  • Shania Twin - 06.29.04

    This girl is HOT!!!She is also the closest thing we will ever have to Shania Twain in the club. She looks great and sings great. Her band is also very tight and they put on a fantastic show. Shania will be preforming at our Halloween party this year.

  • Six Feet Under

    See Description Above Shania.

  • Ska Is Dead

    I don't remember the names of the bands for this show but I did have a blast watching the air kickers moshing in circles. I've always enjoyed Ska..It's very dancable and generally happy music for the most part.

  • Sloan - 05.21.04

    Sloan is a Canadian band that apparently has a very good following. There were over 400 people in the club and most of them were singing along with every song. I never heard any of them. Guess I've been listening to the wrong radio stations for the past 10 years. They were very good and they brought along a cool lighting effect.

  • Southbound - 09.18.05

    This is my good buddy Jack's band Southbound. Our DJ Matt joined them in a song when they played for a Benefit for another good friend who suffered major trauma in a motorcycle accident and remains in a coma today. Come back to us soon Anny.

  • Stryper - 10.03.05

    80's Christian Hair Rock at it's Best! Thaks again to John for the great pix. Check out the Merch tables. They were signing stuff at the end of the night. Very Cool!

  • Superjoint Ritual - 04.30.03

  • Tesla - 03.08.05

    There was a contest before this show and the winner got to play a song with Tesla. My buddy Dave won the contest and got to come in durring the sound check and learn the song so he wouldn't make a fool of him self in front of over 500 people. He didn't. :)

  • The Larkins - 04.10.04

    The Larkins were one of our early Live Country Saturday acts at Infinity. These cute, young Nashville sisters were very talented and supposedly being groomed by Dolly Parton. They put on a good show but in my opinion they lacked some of Dolly's attributes...Particularly her perky stage presence and ability to work the crowd.

  • Third Eye Blind - 11.12.03

    This was our first Sell Out Show! It was very busy and I only took 4 pictures from the bar. Please contact me if you have any more pictures.

  • Tiffany - 04.28.04

    Tiffany was surprisingly entertaining. The small but very receptive crowd was treated to a great show and then got to meet Tiffany after for autographs and pictures. I got her to sign my Playboy. :)

  • UFO - 09.27.04

    Progressive Rock Legends UFO preformed a long and energetic set considering most of them are probably in their late 50's. John Bonham's son Jason is the drummer for this band so this is the closest I will ever get to seeing Led Zeppelin.

  • Weakerthans - 10.15.03

    The Weakerthans were the first show at the new Club Infinity. They were very good and the crowd was decent. For our first show, things went quite well.

  • Wide Mouth Mason - 08.13.04

    Wide Mouth Mason rocked the house. I didn't know many of their songs but I was still moving to the beat behind the bar all night.